Support options for Open MQ  

There are several ways to get support for Open MQ

Open MQ offers an array of community support options. This list highlights some of the resources available that provide an accumulation of experience and knowledge from the community.

You may find the following things aid your search

  • Always consider checking the documentation.
    • For browsing, the the MQ 4.3 Doc. Center is a good place to start.
    • If you want to look up something, search-engine queries can be very helpful. For example, if you use Google, add "". A keyword qualifier will also help direct your query for results: "Java Message Queue" or "Java Application Server".
  • Use this link to search the Open MQ Issue database:
  • Here's a form for going directly to an issue -- if you know the number
  • #
  • If you don't find something appropriate, feel free to post a new issue. (Remember, you must log into to create a new issue)
    • Here are some guidelines for submitting a new issue: General FAQ
  • Searching the bug database for Java System Message Queue -- Since the functionality between Open MQ and Java MQ is very similar, you might find the problem already captured as a Java MQ bug. You can submit queries with this form
  • :
  • Open MQ Forum -- The Open MQ forum contains a lot of information about Open MQ, as well as Java MQ. You may find your issue described here. If you want to subscribe you can set your preferences to your SDN account. Or, you can just get an RSS Content Feed
  • Check if it's come up on the users e-mail alias. You can see e-mail history from this link.Jira Query

We do our best to respond to questions that are posted to the e-mail lists as well as to the Open MQ Forum.

Commercial Support for Sun Java System Message Queue  

If you are interested in seeking commercial support -- You can read about support offerings here at this page. Our support team is ready to assist you and we provide patches, for the specific version that you are using. Pricing is very reasonable. Sun would be happy to provide you pricing information if you need it.

If you are interested in professional consulting services, you should browse to this page to see what Sun has to offer your site.


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