This page lists some of the community user sites that we have found who are using Open Message Queue.

This listing does not constitute an endorsement by the user or organization, only that they have made their project known to us, as a community user of Open MQ.

Community users of Open MQ
Site URL
Online travel and reservations. Australia's third largest e-commerce web site. Used Open MQ with GlassFish Server. See the GlassFish Success Story, and Greg Luck's blog. Wotif.Com are also a public reference for Open MQ. Read their endorsement here.
Airport information system. Deployed to a Czech International Airport. Specifically used Open MQ's C-API to integrate to existing business applications. See the GlassFish success story
French Railways company. Using Open MQ as the MDB provider in GlassFish Server. See their success story.

Are you using Open MQ? Are we missing your site and/or description? If you'd like to be listed here, please contact us. We'd love to hear from you!

Beyond the GlassFish project community, there is a growing list of community projects that are working with Open MQ. This list provides links to some of these projects. (If your project isn't listed, please contact us).

Projects using or integrating with Open MQ
Location Description
Hermes JMS Image
An administrative console for JMS products
Ehcache image
A distributed cache for general purpose, Java EE, and other lightweight containers
The ServerSide ran an article about using MQ 4.1 with Mule ESB 2.0. It's available here.

Listing these projects doesn't imply any form of endorsement. These are provided for informational purposes only.

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