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The best way to get involved is to download the product, use it, and engage in the community discussions. This page gives you an overview of the many ways you can engage with this project.

In general, Open MQ follows the GlassFish Project Governance model. However, at this time, we are not soliciting external contributors.

How you can participate

Join the Open MQ project

If you join the Open MQ project this will add the project to your personal My Page. You'll need to sign up for first. Read more about project membership here.

Joining this project will allow you to join the mailing lists.

Browse and post questions in the

The OTN JMS Forum is for general questions about JMS. (Questions specific to a particular product are best addressed to more specific forums.)

Report a bug

We use JIRA for tracking any problems with the Open Message Queue project. You can report problems with the software, with the documentation, and with the website here or by clicking on the Support --> Bug Reports link in the navigation bar to the left. Using JIRA allows you to be notified whenever an update is made to the specific issue you are reporting. You're welcome to send us feedback via e-mail as well, but if you wish to track the problem and our progress towards resolution, use JIRA.

Join an email mailing list

This project uses a number of email mailing lists for discussions and information sharing. You are welcome to join any of them.

To see what mailing lists are available, to subscribe to them, and to browse the archives, visit the email mailing lists page

The most popular email mailing list is This active discussion forum covers all aspects of using the product, from installation, to deployment, to coding, configuration, and ... well, you name it.

If you are interested in the internals of Open MQ, join the developer mailing list Here we discuss the features we're contemplating, how we believe we will accomplish these features and how the various project features will be implemented.

Finally, if you're just interested in occasional announcements, subscribe to the announcement alias

Add to the wiki

If you want to add to the material at the Open MQ Wiki you will need a GlassFish project wiki ID. See the instructions at the Login page under the "Register New User" tab. With that, you can add new content to the general wiki, post comments and additions to the FAQ, or create your own how-to.

Blog about
Open MQ

We like blog entries and other posts. They help us know what is good and what is bad about Open MQ. Please share your posts with the community by sending email to the user alias

Write a success story

Do you have a success story that you'd like to share with the community? Are you using Open MQ in your community or private project? If you wish to share your story, please don't hesitate to contact us. You can send e-mail to the user alias or you can e-mail us directly at

Make a contribution

We welcome contributions, but at this time we are not able to take direct contributions to the source code via our on-line repository. We are happy to accept your contributions and request that all contributors complete the Oracle Contributor Agreement. This protects your rights as well as ours and those of other users.

Before submitting anything, please contact us first via the developer alias so that we can give you further details about how to go about this. If you are interested in this, we suggest you review the contributor details (see the section about code and samples) in the GlassFish project for more details.


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