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GlassFish Open MQ 5.0 is the worlds first JMS 2.0 compliant messaging project. Open MQ is available for community use as a stand-alone JMS provider and it is also included with GlassFish Server, Open Source Edition 4.0

Project Overview

Open MQ 5 is a developer release of Open MQ that supports JMS 2.0. The primary goal of Open MQ 5.0 is to serve as a platform for developing the JMS 2.0 specification. We've also added a few improvements along the way. The most up to date way to see what is new is to review the JIRA entries -- Here is a link to help find the relevant issues.

We will use this page to provide updates as well as highlights of the features and changes in store for MQ 5.0. If you have any comments or questions, please send e-mail to or

We are pleased to announce the final release of GlassFish Open MQ 5.0.

GlassFish Open MQ 5.0 New Features
Feature Description Current Status
JMS Broker - Client connection service using Grizzly
Use Grizzly 2.0 for Broker-Client IO. Should leverage better performance and scalability.
Improve DB Re-connect in JDBC Connection Pool
Add retry when connecting to database via MQ JDBC connection pool. Based on SQLException and other criteria. Complete
JMS 2.0 Message Delivery Delay
Implement Message Delivery Delay as specified in JMS 2.0 spec. See JMS-SPEC JIRA 44
JMS 2.0 Async. Send Implementation of JMS_SPEC-43 -- See JMS 2.0 Spec, "Asynchronous Send" New property: imqAsyncSendCompletionWaitTimeout default is 180000 milliseconds. Complete Yes JIRA MQ-174
JMS 2.0 Support Optional Client ID (prerequisite for Shared durable subscription) Implementation of JMS_SPEC-40, Optional Client ID Complete Yes See JIRA -175
JMS 2.0 Add support for shared durable subscription Implementation for JMS_SPEC-40 -- See JMS 2.0 Spec., Shared Durable Subscriptions. Complete Yes JIRA MQ-178
JMS 2.0 JMSXDeliveryCount Implementation of JMS_SPEC-42 -- See JMS 2.0 Spec., JMSXDeliveryCount Complete Yes See JMS 2.0 Spec.

JMS 2.0, other features

Tracking JIRA query for all JMS 2.0 related features n/a n/a n/a
JMS 2.0 RA support Update JMSRA to support all features needed for JMS 2.0 Complete Yes JIRA MQ-193
Add SSL support for port mapper (includes changes to PortMapper Provide option to use SSL for port-mapper Complete Yes JIRA MQ-271
Add JMX API for current log-file and log directory Add JMX api which returns the current log-file and the directory that contains the log-file Complete Yes JIRA MQ-245
Port Unification for PortMapper and STOMP services Use Grizzly's port unification feature to allow client protocols to route over a single port. Complete Yes  
Unified log support (consistency with GlassFish logs) Broker logs now use standard java.util.logging. This will provide consistency between GlassFish Server and GlassFish MQ logs. Complete Yes  
Support multiple data partitions in message store
Provide support for multiple message blocks in message store.
This is an experimental enhancement
Remove requirement to merge messages after HA take-over.
When using transactional store (i.e. JDBC), it is no longer a requirement to merge messages into a single store.
This is an experimental enhancement
Support for GlassFish Nucleus
Reorganize MQ with new modularity to enable support with HK2 and GlassFish Nucleus.-
This is an experimental enhancement
Add support for WebSockets
Support for WebSockets -- possibly using STOMP
Deferred to a future release
Support for Maven
Builds are now performed using Maven (Ant is still required, but Maven features are also used.)
Extensive code-refactoring to provide better encapsulation and separation between modules.
Yes n/a
Align logging with GlassFish Nucleus
Adopt the logger framework used by GlassFish Nucleus.

Useful Bug Queries
Bug ID
Description Bug/RFE

JMS 2.0 RI JIRA Query

JMS 2.0 RI Implementation Issues -- Todo, Completed


This release will track the GlassFish Server, Open Source Edition 4.0 project. JMS 2.0 RI Issue Query

Open MQ 5.0 Milestones
Feature freeze
Dec. 11, 2012
All new features are integrated and available in a promoted build. The release is ready for testing. Community members are welcome to try any new feature as it is integrated. Feedback provides immeasurable benefit to the developers so please, don't hesitate to offer your experience feedback by sending an e-mail to
Hard-code freeze
March 5, 2013
All QE tests have been run once and required fixes have been integrated. All bugs which have been prioritized for this release are fixed. (After this milestone, only show-stopper problems are eligible for further integration). While we'll always accept feedback, your input into how well the features are working for you is most useful to us if you can provide it around the beginning of May.
Java EE 7 Launch -- June 12, 2013
All tests completed and passed. All integration requirements met. Product released for community use.

GlassFish Server, Open Source Edition Milestone
GF Build Date
GlassFish MQ Build
MQ Build Date
JIRA Target
Final MQ integration -- GF Build 85
April 17, 2013
GlassFish Candidate Build 89
May 15, 2013

Open MQ is dual licensed with CDDL or GPL v2 with ClassPath Exception. Click here to view the license. In addition, Open MQ Binaries include Mozilla Network Security Services and Network Security Portable Runtime (NSS / NSPR) which are licensed under the LGPL. You may only use these products under the terms of these licenses. By downloading the source or binary archives from this site, you are agreeing to the terms of these licenses.


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Windows Binary (.zip)
Linux x86

Linux Binary (.zip)
Solaris SPARC

Solaris SPARC binary (.zip)
Solaris x86

Solaris x86 binary (.zip)

IBM AIX Binary (.zip)

The MQ 5 Mercurial (hg) archive is available from this link. Build instructions are contained within the source archive, and also in the readme file.


Open MQ 5.0 JavaDoc is available here.

GlassFIsh MQ Documentation:

Several new resources are also available to help you learn about JMS 2.0


MQ 5 is now built via Maven. See the build instructions in the top-level Readme for details.

Promoted Build History    

The Latest build is generally available from this link

The most recent build of MQ 5.0
This is the final build of Open MQ 5.0. It included a few bug fixes Integrated into GlassFish 4.0 b85
bug fixes, Integrated into GlassFish 4.0 b82
Bug Fixes, GF b80
GF b73
GF b72
GF b67
Added platform specific buildsGF b64
Bug Fixes GF b60
JavaOne technology update -- not promoted into GlassFish
First build - Promoted into GlassFish 5.0 Build 55
First build - Promoted into GlassFish 4.0 Build 52

Feedback is always welcome -- e-mail to:

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