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GlassFish Open MQ 5.0 was the worlds first JMS 2.0 compliant messaging project. Open MQ 5.0.1 is a minor update to that release. It contains some new features as well as bug fixes. Open MQ is available for community use as a stand-alone JMS provider and it is also included with GlassFish Server, Open Source Edition 4.0.1

Project Overview

Open MQ 5.0.1 will consist primarily of bug-fixes from the 5.0, JMS 2.0 / Java EE 7 inception release. The primary goal of Open MQ 5.0 was to facilitate completion of the JMS 2.0 specification. You can read more about that release by clicking this link to MQ 5.0 project page. We hope to add a few new features, but there is no specific roadmap yet.

We will use this page to provide updates as well as highlights of the features and changes in store for MQ 5.0.1. Most likely, a JIRA query will be your best mechanism for determining what's been updated in 5.0.1 .We'll try to highlight the major changes, here. If you have any comments or questions, please send e-mail to or

The roadmap for MQ 5.0.1 is still to be determined. We will update this page once we have additional details.

GlassFish Open MQ 5.0.1 New Features
Feature Description Current Status
Add support for WebSocket
Using a combination of Grizzly and Tyrus, we'll add WebSocket to Open MQ. Read the slides of our JavaOne presentation, from this link (pdf).
Guidelines for using WebSocket in Open MQ
Add Java JMS via WebSocket Using the basic WebSocket support, provide a websocket implementation which supports Java JMS clients, yet uses WebSocket, rather than a direct TCP socket Complete Yes  
Add STOMP over WebSocket Provide support for STOMP 1.2 via WebSocket Complete Yes  
Add experimental STOMP like protocol using JSON Based on the STOMP protocol, provide mechanism to bind via JSON key-value pairs Complete Yes  

Useful Bug Queries
Bug ID
Description Bug/RFE

Coming Soon


This release will track the GlassFish Server, Open Source Edition 4.0.1 project. (Or possibly the GlassFish 4.1 project - we're still planning things ... please check back for updated infomation.

Open MQ 5.0.1 Milestones
Feature freeze
All new features are integrated and available in a promoted build. The release is ready for testing. Community members are welcome to try any new feature as it is integrated. Feedback provides immeasurable benefit to the developers so please, don't hesitate to offer your experience feedback by sending an e-mail to
Hard-code freeze
All QE tests have been run once and required fixes have been integrated. All bugs which have been prioritized for this release are fixed. (After this milestone, only show-stopper problems are eligible for further integration). While we'll always accept feedback, your input into how well the features are working for you is most useful to us if you can provide it around the beginning of May.
All tests completed and passed. All integration requirements met. Product released for community use.

GlassFish Server, Open Source Edition Milestone
GF Build Date
GlassFish MQ Build
MQ Build Date
JIRA Target

Open MQ is dual licensed with CDDL or GPL v2 with ClassPath Exception. Click here to view the license. In addition, Open MQ Binaries include Mozilla Network Security Services and Network Security Portable Runtime (NSS / NSPR) which are licensed under the LGPL. You may only use these products under the terms of these licenses. By downloading the source or binary archives from this site, you are agreeing to the terms of these licenses.


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Solaris x86 binary (.zip)

IBM AIX Binary (.zip)

The MQ 5 Mercurial (hg) archive will be available soon. Build .zip bundles are available now. The current bundle is available here. Build instructions are contained within the source archive, and also in the readme file.


These are the MQ 5.0 documents. MQ 5.0.1 updates will be posted as they become available.

Open MQ 5.0 JavaDoc is available here.

GlassFIsh MQ Documentation:

Several new resources are also available to help you learn about JMS 2.0


MQ 5 and higher is now built via Maven. See the build instructions in the top-level Readme for details.

Promoted Build History    

The Latest build is generally available from this link

The most recent build of MQ 5.0.1
Build 3
Finalized WebSocket support
Build 2
Bug fixes, Initial WebSocket support
Build 1
Bug fixes

Feedback is always welcome -- e-mail to:

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