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Open MQ is dual licensed with either CDDL or GPL v2 with ClassPath Exception. Click here to view the license. In addition, Open MQ Binaries include Mozilla Network Security Services and Network Security Portable Runtime (NSS / NSPR) which are licensed under the LGPL. You may only use these products under the terms of these licenses. By downloading the source or binary archives from this site, you are agreeing to the terms of these licenses.

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Open MQ 4.5 is now complete. If you find any problems with this build, please use Jira, or send an e-mail to One of the last things we did in this release cycle was to add a Mercurial repository at! See the Source section below. Also, we have changed the license for NSS/NSPR. This is now licensed under LGPL.

Project Overview

Open MQ 4.5 is a minor feature update, continuing along the improvement path that we've followed for the past several releases. While we do our best to keep this page accurate, there are occasionally mistakes. Please let us know if you find anything missing, or incorrect. Definitions and planning for MQ 4.6 should be forthcoming soon.

This page is a reasonable description of the projects and features that we added in MQ 4.5. If you have any comments or questions, please send e-mail to or

New features and other changes in Open MQ 4.5
Feature Description
Consumer Notifications Provides notifications about consumer status, based on destinations one-pager
Improved support for "Temporary Failure" response in MySQL Cluster / NDB NDB data-engines can sometimes return a "temporary" failure. In many cases, the operation can be retried and, may succeed. Node fail over is one example of this type of response. RFE 6890337
JDBC DB Connection Improvements Connection Validation. Timeout idle connections 6831996 6943001
Support pooling of JDBC PooledConnection   6831953
Improve password management between GlassFish and MQ

Fix a problem in MQ described in CR 6897519

Support conventional broker clusters when run as an Embedded Broker in the GlassFish VM Prior to this release, Embedded brokers only support singleton brokers. This enhancement will provide support for conventional clusters when run as an embedded broker in GlassFish. See IT 53. one-pager
Alternate solution for durable subscription management across conventional broker cluster Develop an alternate implementation for keeping track of durable subscriptions in broker cluster. This is in addition to the current Master Broker solution. See IT 54 one-pager
Improve Conventional Cluster With Master Broker in GlassFish Provide a startup synchronization period during which cluster restricted operations will wait for master broker to startup and sync complete, before throwing JMS exception. adds new property: imq.cluster.nowaitForMasterBrokerTimeoutInSeconds. See IT 52 one-pager
Dynamic Master Broker Change Allows master broker to be changed, dynamically. one-pager Also MQ IT 65
Dynamic Sync. broker list in conventional cluster config. Dynamic Sync. broker list in conventional cluster config. in GlassFish cluster. See IT 63 one-pager
64 bit c-api build, Linux Deliver binaries for 64 bit c-api integration, Linux.

RFE (Linux)

Add support for literal IPv6 addresses   CR 6937110
New features and other changes which were proposed but not implemented
Feature Description
JMS Bridge Enhancements

Considering the following:

  • Last agent optimization for single-phase commit between providers (see IT 57);
  • remote destination subscriptions to filter messages delivered between destinations;
  • Provide improved fail over support for bridge connections and HA deployments
Scalable destinations Provide destinations that can grow without bounds  
JMSJCA Switch to JMSJCA as the primary Resource Adapter for GlassFish Server, Open Source Edition  
RA Refactor lifecycle management in MQRA one-pager
Enhance VisualVM Plugin Enhance the existing unsupported VisualVM plugin (overview) to improve the display of cluster information, to allow navigation between host, connection, destination, producer and consumer, to allow destination browsing, to offer charting, and to add various miscellaneous improvements. See IT 55 one-pager
Integration to NDB Cluster via Cluster/J connector Create a new data-engine connection in MQ to directly call the NDB data engine -- reduce or eliminate the SQL Node requirement. Unwind the schemas for performance.  
Provide default JAAS LoginModules See IT 58 RFE 6903030
Disable port-mapper (For use with Embedded deployment)   one-pager
64 bit c-api build, Windows Deliver binaries for 64 bit c-api integration, Windows.

RFE (Win)

Community updates

  • Build scripts are now included with source archive. See below for details about building with the Mercurial arvhice.

This release will track the GlassFish Server, Open Source Edition 3.1 project. GlassFish Server, Open Source Edition 3.1 is described further, here. The GlassFish subproject page which provides additional context for the GlassFish features is available here. The proposed master schedule for GlassFish 3.1 is here.

Open MQ 4.5 Milestones
Feature freeze
Early Sep., 2010
All new features are integrated and available in a promoted build. The release is ready for testing. Community members are welcome to try any new feature as it is integrated. Feedback provides immeasurable benefit to the developers so please, don't hesitate to offer your experience feedback by sending an e-mail to
Hard-code freeze
Mid. Dec., 2010
All QE tests have been run once and required fixes have been integrated. All bugs which have been prioritized for this release are fixed. (After this milestone, only show-stopper problems are eligible for further integration). While we'll always accept feedback, your input into how well the features are working for you is most useful to us if you can provide it around the beginning of May.
First quarter, 2011
GlassFish was completed Feb. 28, 2011. Open MQ bits were delayed a bit due to some internal configuration / staging issues (finally got it out on Mar. 8).


A note about the Issue Tracker Milestones

To better track GlassFish MQ progress against the GlassFish Server, Open Source Edition, we have created tracking milestone targets, which are intended to align with the master GlassFish project milestones. The target dates for the GlassFish project are shown here. We will continue to produce builds on a, roughly bi-weekly cadence. If we hold to our plans, this implies the following build-milestones

GlassFish Server, Open Source Edition Milestone
GF Build Date
GlassFish MQ Build
MQ Build Date
Jira Target
May 24
May 19
June 21
June 16
July 19
July 14

Aug. 16

Aug. 11


Sep. 13
Sep. 8
4.5_m5_scf (Soft code-freeze)
Oct. 26
Oct. 21
4.5_m6_hcf (hard code-freeze)
Dec. 14, 2010
Nov. 11
Jan. 2011
Dec. 19
RC Builds
Jan-Feb 2011
As needed
As Needed


Please note. We have simplified the downloads and now bundle the build instructions into the package archive that you download.

Open MQ 4.5 Binary Downloads - Final build
Operating System
image with installer
file image (no installer)
Sun Solaris Sparc
Sun Solaris x86
Microsoft Windows x86
Unix (e.g. Mac OSX)

Source-code Downloads 4.5
Open Message Queue 4.5 Source Code Archive
Build files (For NetBeans)
See the source code archive
Build files (For Ant)
See the source code archive

Please note: At the conclusion of MQ 4.5, we posted the source archive in a Mercurial archive at This archive is now available for community users. You can browse this archive is at this URL:

Instructions for performing builds via this archive are given on the repo-build.html page.

Future releases will NOT have source repository archives, included with the downloads. (We're guessing most of you are happy with this!)


4.5 JavaDoc


Maven build snapshots are here: The MQ jars are available at
com/sun/messaging/mq/<jarfilename>/4.5-SNAPSHOT. These will evolve as 4.5 progresses.

Promoted Build History

Please note, soon, the preliminary builds will be removed from our download server. We hope you can migrate your systems to build 29 FCS soon.

Build History
Final release Open MQ 4.5
RC Fixes Integrated into GF 3.1 RC3
RC Fixes Integrated into GF 3.1 RC2
RC Fixes Integrated into GF 3.1 RC1
RC Fixes
RC Fixes
RC Fixes
Hard code freeze build for MQ 4.5. Delivered to GlassFish build 33
Bug fixes -- GlassFish 3.1 Milestone 7(GF build 32)
Bug fixes
Bug fixes
Milestone 6 build for GlassFish 3.1 project
Bug Fixes
Bug Fixes
Functional Complete Milestone build. Staged for GlassFish Milestone 5 promotion
Bug fixes
Added dynamic change, master broker
Bug Fixes
Bug Fixes
Bug Fixes
Bug Fixes
Bug Fixes
Bug Fixes
Bug Fixes
Bug Fixes
Bug Fixes
Bug Fixes
First build is build 3.

Feedback is always welcome -- e-mail to:

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