Open MQ 4.5.2 (Complete)


Open MQ is dual licensed with either CDDL or GPL v2 with ClassPath Exception. Click here to view the license. In addition, Open MQ Binaries include Mozilla Network Security Services and Network Security Portable Runtime (NSS / NSPR) which are licensed under the LGPL. You may only use these products under the terms of these licenses. By downloading the source or binary archives from this site, you are agreeing to the terms of these licenses.

Straight to the Downloads

MQ 4.5.2 is now complete. Final download bits are below. This is a minor bug-fix only update to MQ 4.5. You will find complete details about new features in MQ 4.5, here. If you find any problems with these builds, please use Jira, or send an e-mail to As a reminder, the license for NSS/NSPR is now LGPL.

Project Overview

Open MQ 4.5..2 will contain bug-fixes only.While we do our best to keep this page accurate, there are occasionally mistakes. Please let us know if you find anything missing, or incorrect. Definitions and planning for the next release, targeted at JMS 2.0 are in their initial stages. Check back later for more information. In the mean-time, you can join the jms-spec project for information about JMS 2.0.

This page is a reasonable description of the projects and features that we added in MQ 4.5.1. If you have any comments or questions, please send e-mail to or

The release notes contain the list of bugs fixes and any other updates for this update release. You will find those here.

This is a Jira query that yields bugs fixed in MQ 4.5.2 update -- Click Here for JIRA Query

Community updates

  • Build scripts are now included with source archive. See below for details about building with the Mercurial archive.

This project is completed

Open MQ 4.5.2 Milestones
Feb. 29, 2012
This release coincides with GlassFish 3.1.2.


Operating System
image with installer
file image (no installer)
Sun Solaris Sparc
Sun Solaris x86
Microsoft Windows x86
Unix (e.g. Mac OSX)

Open Message Queue 4.5.2 Source Code Archive
Build files (For NetBeans)

See the source code archive
Build files (For Ant)
See the source code archive

Please note: At the conclusion of MQ 4.5, we posted the source archive in a Mercurial (hg) archive at This archive is now available for community users. You can browse this archive is at this URL:

Instructions for performing builds via this archive are given on the repo-build.html page.


4.5 JavaDoc (This isn't planned for update in 4.5.2)


The MQ 4.5.2 client jars are available through Maven repository at the following link:

Promoted Build History

There were only two builds of 4.5.2.

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