Open MQ 4.3 Release Information

Straight to the Downloads MQ 4.3 was finalized on Dec. 15, 2008

Project Overview

Open MQ 4.3 was a short-cycle release with a few minor new features and bug fixes. We were pleased to finalized this release on-time, December 15, 2008. This release will be delivered as part of GlassFish 2.1.

New Features included with MQ 4.3 include

  • Universal Message Service (UMS) -- Message Queue 4.3 introduces a new universal messaging service (UMS) and messaging API that provides access toMessage Queue from any http-enabled device. As a result, almost any application can communicate with any other application and benefit from the reliability and guaranteed delivery of JMS messaging. In addition, the UMS provides enhanced scalability for JMS messaging, allowing the number of messaging clients to reach internet-scale proportions.
    The simple, language-independent, protocol-based UMS API supports both web-based and non-web-based applications, and can be used with both scripting and programming languages. The API is offered in two styles: a simple messaging API that uses a Representational State Transfer (REST)-style protocol, and an XML messaging API that embeds the protocol in a SOAP message header. In both cases, however, the API requires only a single http request to send or receive a message.
    Here is more detail about UMS.
  • Support for AIX -- We have delivered a new download package for AIX that will also include support for the Message Queue C-API. Support for AIX will include the following:
    • AIX v 6.1 or higher
      (Earlier versions of AIX are supported via the Unix/Java Only bundle, Also, note that GlassFish provides a separate certification for MQ and includes support for versions of AIX 5.)
    • DB2 support on AIX only
    • IBM XL C/C++ Compiler V9.0
    • JDK 1.5 or better
  • New Open MQ Installer -- Message Queue 4.3 introduces a new installer for Zip-based distributions (including .jar files), as opposed to native package distributions. The installer is used to install .jar distributions on the Open MQ web site as well as the new Message Queue .zip distributions for the AIX platform.
    The new installer will extract the Message Queue .jar files to any directory for which you have write access (you will not need root privileges) and will also enable you to register your Open MQ installation with Sun Connection. To minimize the size of the download bundle, the Java Runtime will no longer be included (most sites will already have it). The current native package installer bundle, which will continue to be used with the commercial release of Sun Java System Message Queue, will no longer be available from the Open MQ site.
    • To use these new install bundles, simply download the .zip package, unzip it; and run the Install script.
    • To run the Install script, you must explicitly reference a JRE. You can use the new -j option:
      installer -j JDK/JRE-path
      where JDK/JRE-path is the path of the specified JDK or JRE
  • Additional platform support-- The following updated platforms will be certified for Open MQ 4.3:
    • Oracle 11g
    • Windows Vista
    • Windows Server 2008

In addition to these updates which will become part of the commercial product, we are also adding some new community examples. These examples are being provided to better give examples of using Open MQ with other community projects. The projects we are currently considering include:

  • HermesJMS integration -- HermesJMS is a useful administration tool that many of our community customers have asked if was supported. We put together a Wiki page that explains the details for setting up Hermes JMS. We are continuing to work with the HermesJMS project and, we may have a Hermes plugin soon. That wasn't ready when we finalized the MQ 4.3 release, please stay tuned for further updates. Hermes is available at As of this writing, HermesJMS is licensed under the Apache 2.0 license.
  • STOMP (Streaming Text Orientated Messaging Protocol). STOMP provides generic access to many scripting and programming languages. In addition, STOMP can be used as an adapter between JMS Message Providers. STOMP is available by separate download from As of this writing, STOMP is licensed under the Apache 2.0 license.

This release was finalized, Dec. 15, 2008.

The master schedule for this release will be driven by the GlassFish 2.1 schedule. Our high-level milestone targets were:

Open MQ 4.3 Milestones
Feature freeze
Mid. Sept.
All new features are integrated and available in a promoted build. The release is ready for testing. Community members are welcome to trial any new feature as it is integrated. Feedback provides immeasurable benefit to the developers so please, don't hesitate to offer your experience feedback by sending an e-mail to
Hard-code freeze
Mid Oct.
All QE tests have been run once and required fixes have been integrated. All bugs which have been prioritized for this release are fixed. (After this milestone, only show-stopper problems are eligible for further integration). While we'll always accept feedback, your input into how well the features are working for you is most useful to us if you can provide it around the beginning of October.
Mid. Dec.
Stable bits are promoted and available for download. Release is now ready for production deployments.


Release Notes
Java System Message Queue install guide is available at the Sun Documents Server, here.
Java System Message Queue, 4.3 documentation collection is available here.

Open MQ 4.3 Binary Downloads (Compressed Archive) This is the final release.
Operating System
Installer Archive
Sun Solaris Sparc
Sun Solaris x86
Microsoft Windows x86
Unix (e.g. Mac OSX)

Source-code Downloads
Open Message Queue 4.3 Source Code Archive

Promoted Build History

Build History
Final release MQ 4.3 .
Change Log Summary
RC 1 .
File / package reorganization for IPS. UMS Debugging.
More Bug fixes
Feature Freeze Build -- Added UMS, Added compressed archive installers
Bug Fixes
Added STOMP example
First build. Delivered to GlassFish build 47

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